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    Xingyuan Environment Technology Co., Ltd.

    World-leading water treatment technologies are used so that the effluent quality in water plant meets national hygienic standard for domestic drinking water. In addition, the group is capable of offering pipe network matching engineering services as pipe network facilities are important components of water supply business. For more than 10 years’ effort, the group occupies a leading position in both technological level and service quality in urban water supply industry.

    Water supply and drainage

    The group has engaged in sewage treatment for many years, and it can develop high-efficient and cost-benefit municipal sewage treatment solutions according to needs of customers. In each project, we can realize energy self-sufficiency of the sewage plant to the maximum extent through optimizing performance, extracting value from energy generated from sewage treatment services, controlling cost, and fully translate organic matters in sewage into green energy to practice idea of sustainable development.

    Municipal wastewater

    In the field of industrial wastewater treatment, the group is proactively developing industrial wastewater treatment processes suitable for China’s national conditions, and the project covers pulping and papermaking, food and yeast, textile printing and dyeing, pharmacy, chemical, metallurgy, and other fields. The group is highly trusted by customers based on stable technical level and high-quality service.

    Industrial wastewater

    In view of features of rural domestic waste like wide pollution surface, relatively decentralized, low pollution load, etc., the company has carried out a large number of experimental studies and applications and has established relatively mature rural domestic sewage treatment technology systems.

    Rural domestic waste

    Reuse of reclaimed water can not only save water resources, but also reduce environmental pollution. Adhering to environmental philosophy of cycling use of water, adopting advanced treatment process, the processed sewage can reach water quality standard for reclaimed water and can be used in production line, or as landscape environment water, etc.

    Reuse of reclaimed water

    The group has invested money in building and operating venous industry park taking generating electricity through refuse incineration as core and engaging in the integrated treatment of wastes like sludge, medical wastes, kitchen wastes, construction wastes, hazardous wastes, and hazardous wastes. Waste heat from waste incineration can be used in kitche fermentation, sludge drying, and thermophilic digestion of medical wastes.

    Venous industry park

    Our technological innovative ability ranks first in the industry based on “large-scale, automatic, professional, and systematic” innovative “blue sea” strategy. Our filter process is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, petroleum, printing and dyeing, ceramics, food, pharmacy, building material, coal washing, mine, sewage treatment and other industries.

    Production of environment

    The company has several core patents in the fields of energy conservation, organic waste gas, organic liquid waste disposal, etc., and it is capable of offering integrated solutions to users on energy utilization analysis, metallurgy, chemical, light industry, food, textile printing and dyeing, etc.

    Energy conservation desig